Work Part 3

More Questions, Few Answer (yet)

First, Newsletter Consolidation!

Ironically, the Revue newsletter platform has won the comparison with Substack (you are here) due to its support of an API for newsletter workflow automation. Automation makes the difference, even when it is as poorly implemented as Revue has managed to do thus far. That there is an API is one step, though, while Substack has no plans to offer a public API.

So look for a consolidation of both newsletter channels into one here:

What Does The Present Hold?

Usually this is a question about The Future, but the world is changing faster than that. As Humans are wont to do, we press evolution to the limits, with change coming faster than the system might be prepared for.

Here are two links that connect with Part 1 of this topic:

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Pay cut: Google employees who work from home could lose money (

Here are two links that connect with Part 2 of this topic:

Restaurants are starting to hire robots instead of people who are demanding higher pay (

Elon Musk unveils Tesla Bot, a humanoid robot that uses vehicle AI (

There is no shortage of discussion on both “sides” of the work topic, and certainly there are more ways to factor “Work” than presented in this 3-part topic seed…

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