Nanos Gigantium Humeris Insidentes

So Many Giants

The history of space flight, and in fact the history of gunpowder and everything that came after, is the stuff of more than one podcast show somewhere else, but is it worthwhile to know that there is history behind claims made in the news today?

Where did vaccination begin? It was a differe time…

History of Smallpox (, ironically perhaps)

A little bit of history about Sir Isaac Newton’s famous quote:

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

The history of podcasting, which itself is based on the histories of radio broadcasting, sharing the spoken and written word far and wide, and more…

Podcasting Historical Timeline And Milestones

The topic arc around History in general is tremendous and should be something you should join in the discussion about!

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Host: Dan Hugo

Recorded 3 August 2021, Published 3 August 2021

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