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So Many Topics, So Many Tools

The ideas behind the FFS Talk concept are many and arguably interesting. The topic arc scheme to keep conversation threads moving across episodes and hopefully across audio and chat and perhaps video is also arguably interesting. Unfortunately, and newsletters are not quite cutting it when it comes to bringing these notions to life.

In order to advance the discussions, participation is key, and first steps are almost certainly toward live stream and drop-in audio and textual chat. There are conversations to be had, and while the sound of one hand clapping (er, one host speaking) can be intriguing, it is not sustainably so. More voices and more discussion are the goals for FFS Talk.

Topic arcs and the people and ideas traveling upon them, like facts and notions and news, will theoretically benefit from proactive use of visualization and interaction tools, and that is what we aim to do in the coming days and weeks.

So stay tuned (or tune in if you haven’t), and by all means join in to discuss any of this, we’d love to have you…

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Recorded 11 July 2021, Published 12 July 2021

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