Computer as Copilot

Do we have the same flight plan in mind?

Do you trust your tech?

A lot of us are carrying an always-on, always-connected supercomptuer in our purses or pockets, possibly connected to a quantified self biomeasurement device or two, sharing everything with any number of corporate entities and others… it would make sense if your answer to the question is a resounding, “No.”

Is there more to the story, though? Aside from phoning home(s) with your location and search and purchasing data, your personal technology devices are more and more often giving you advice, whether it’s a purchase decision, navigation while walking or driving, keeping track of world events according to your political views, meeting new friends… do you know how all of this works?

Should consumers of data generated, curated, and presented by our computer overlords be made aware of the nature of those overlords, or are we destined to receive what we are given without any clear idea what, how, and why?

This Episode

Computer as Copilot via

Recorded 6 July 2021, Published 7 July 2021

Host: Dan Hugo

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Episode Artwork

Photo by Francesco Tommasini on Unsplash


Homo Deus by Juval Noah Harari (author website)

GitHub Copilot

The Consilience Project

Daniel Schmachtenberger

Tristan Harris

GPT-3 via Wikipedia (plenty of links from there)

And so many more…

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